Poor Notre Dame

So I am usually not the type of person that would write about bad stuff happening which everyone is talking about. Not that I do not have an opinion, but there are so many opinions on the internet, I just wouldn’t know what to add. But I am going to make an exception, cause what happened to Notre Dame in Paris is just awful.

The reason I do feel the need to talk about this, is because I actually saw Notre Dame just two weeks ago. I was in Paris for a work thing and we were on a boat on the Seine river. At that moment I was mainly thinking about how unromantic a boat tour on the seine really is: the walls are so high, you can’t see a thing. The picture I took of Notre Dame is proof.


What I also thought, was that if we would have free time the next day, I might visit Notre Dame. I have only boated or bussed past it, and I always took a photo, but I never went inside. And now I am looking at the videos of the tower collapsing and it just feels so bad. Even if you have never been to Paris, even if you have never seen the Disney movie about the hunchback: you will still feel a bit bad inside, cause you know how iconic this building really is.

It also makes me think about London, which was on fire once as well. Even though times were really different, it must have been awful to watch “your” city burn down. Even if it’s just a little bit. It obviously feels different when the cause is just an accident instead of an attack, but seeing a building burn down right in front of you is horrific either way.

Save it

At the time I am writing this, it is unsure if there will be anything left of this iconic, authentic building. Looking at the flames, I can’t imagine it can be saved, but let’s hope it is possible so that we can still enjoy it, and for me personally to finally be able to visit the place. And mainly for the French, who are loving this building every day.


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