The Star Wars Rise of Skywalker teaser = goosebumps

I am lucky enough to be able to write about geeky stuff, so I was pretty thrilled I could tell readers something about the Star Wars Celebration and more specifically the Rise of Skywalker teaser. Now there are two things at play here that make me so happy: Star Wars Celebration and episode IX.

I have been to Star Wars Celebration in Germany a couple of years ago and I think that has made me into the fan I am now. I used to like Star Wars, but now I actually looooved it. The people at the expo were all so nice, and the energy in the room: I will never forget that. At the time The Force Awakens still had to come out and the hype was.. well you could just feel it buzzing through the room. Especially when celebs would take the stage, the crowd would go wild.

Star Wars = special

So let’s just say Star Wars Celebration truly holds a special place in my heart. And then there is the upcoming movie: the end of the saga, and a movie that will probably be the last Star Wars-flick we get to see in a while. And I am so in love with The Force Awakens, that I will probably have a hard time saying goodbye to all these amazing characters. And then there is the teaser to this movie, you hear Rey breathing, you see her, goosebumps, then the music comes in, even more goosebumps.. wow. And of course, that laugh at the end, oh my!

I really love Star Wars and I am kind of dreading December cause it will all end, but I am also looking forward to it cause I want to see how it all unfolds. Especially the past few years have been very Star Warsy for me and I hope to continue for a long time. Thankfully there’s Disney+ somewhere this year, to help me with that 😉

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