Oh noos, Pump Street does not make Bread & Butter anymore

When I go running, I always run across two chocolate stores. Can you believe it? There aren’t too many chocolate stores in my region, but for some reason there are two when I go on my 20 minute run. It’s crazy. So one of them has one of the coolest chocolate brands in the world: Pump Street.

So when I went running the other day, I thought: I am going to do it. I am going to go into this store and buy that good, good Pump Street. Yes, I would have to run home with it, but that is like a horse running after a carrot right? Totally fine. However, what I did not know was the disappointment I was going to feel: Pump Street no longer makes my favorite flavour.

Rye-ally good

Their chocolate with rye in it or sourdough is pretty awesome, but there is nothing better than their Bread & Butter bar. But they do not make it anymore. No more amaaazing chocolate. I find it strange, cause I thought this flavour was a prize winner, but I don’t know. When I search for Bread and Butter, their website tells me Brown Bread, but I do not think that is quite the same.

So I went home with a different bar, cause of course I would never leave a chocolate store without buying any chocolate. I went with the Pump Street Rye Cumb, Milk and Sea Salt which is quite awesome too. It is pretty strong, but yet it is a bar that I could eat easily within 10 minutes. Trying really hard not to, of course…

Bring the bread and butter back

I really hope Pump Street will come back with bread and butter, but I guess I will just have to wait and see. Or in my case, wait and eat the other ones instead. But not too much, cause I am still a bit shocked by what my Fitbit Aria 2 has told me.

Pump Street
Pump Street

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