Huge in France is pretty dark

When the stand-up comedy show of Gad Elmaleh was adviced to me by Netflix, I decided to give him a shot. I wasn’t too impressed though. Maybe because he does this “I am so European-thing and everything is so American”-thing too much, I don’t know. But somehow I have decided to watch Huge in France, this new series on Netflix, starring him. And it turns out to be pretty nice and dark.

When comedians suddenly get their own sitcom in which they are more human than clown, it is always exciting. I thought Aziz Ansari’s decision to do it was amazing and that is probably why I wanted to give Huge in France a shot. It was a bit annoying at first, as he keeps on doing this thing where he acts like he does not understand why people don’t know how famous he is, but after that the series get a heart. It is all presented in a very American way, but it is a nice sidewatch to just binge in a few hours.

Los Angeles

The reason I like it probably has to do with something else: it is all filmed in Los Angeles, my favorite city in America. And his son is trying to make it in LA, which is always interesting to me too. That is probably why I love La La Land so much. The series is not funny though. I do not think I have laughed at all, not even in my head. But I do feel it has its (dark) heart in the right place.

I am still not entirely sure how I feel about Gad, but the series was pretty entertaining. Again, it is a bit dark, which I like. It also is filled with cliches and things that are just too obvious and too predictable, but that’s okay. I have learned that people secretly always want movies, series and even music to be a bit predictable.

Pretty cool

He’s got nothing on Aziz, but I think it is pretty cool he tried to do something different. And there are a lot of famous people in this series, that shows that other people can appreciate it too (or got a LOT of money from Netflix). 😉

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