Is Shoot for the Stars the most pushed Lush bath bomb?

So even though I haven’t been reviewing much Lush stuff lately, I am still a heavy user šŸ˜‰ During the Christmas sale I bought three boxes, and the bath legends box is still on my wannahaves list. But there is one thing that has been so obvious to me lately: why is the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb in all of these gift boxes?

I wonder if it might be a Christmas thing, but I just see it so often. It really stands out thanks to its color and yellow stars. Oh and by the way, even though in my review in 2017 I was saying the stars a bit odd as they don’t dissolve as quickly, I finally understand them now. Hihi, maybe that is why they push it: because you don’t understand this beautiful blue ball the first time. šŸ˜‰

Those stars

The stars actually dissolve while you are in the bath, which is pretty cute. And they make the super blue water all glittery. So I have grown to like this bath bomb, as it is a bit more outspoken than many others. I still love Lush very much, and there are soooo many bath bombs to try. I read they released over 50 of them a few weeks ago. What?!

Sometimes I feel that Lush is giving us a bit too much choice. But on the other hand, they do not really do anything much to make us want to really collect them all. There is no app to use to ‘collect’ them all, they have no special bath bomb per country (weird right? They are so worldwide, they should totally go for it) and they do not really send emails saying they have a new bath bomb.

I want to collect

Still I really wish to try them all, but if it would be more about collecting the experiences/bath bombs it would have been so much more fun. I have always wondered why Lush does not try more of that, but maybe it is interfering with their moment of indulgent-feel too much. The moment that should last long enough for those shooting stars to well, shoot. šŸ˜‰

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