Always having the same thing in restaurants

I used to be judging my brother a bit because he always chose the same thing in restaurants. Always steak if there was steak on the menu. Always the carpaccio as a starter. And always a Dame Blanche for dessert. But then I stopped and thought: hey, I actually do the exact same thing, but in a different way.

So where my brother always goes for the same type of food, I always pick my favorite thing at a restaurant and always have that for the rest of my life. At Pizzabakkers for example, which is a lovely pizza place in Amsterdam (but they have multiple, also in other cities), I will always have the pizza burrata with spinach and pine nuts. At Bagels & Beans, my favorite brunch place, I always have a bagel with cream cheese honey and almond. And when I used to eat meat, I would always have the Big Tasty at McDonald’s.

Veggies have less choice

Especially since I became vegetarian, the options for me at restaurants are usually limited, so it easy to have favorites. But still, even if I do have a choice, if I have already been to the restaurant and I liked what I had last time, I usually have it again. How unadventurous of me, right? But then again, in the rare cases that I have chosen differently, I usually end up regretting it.

So this evening after not having been to Pizzabakkers in a while, I had my fave again. And it was so good. No regrets, just pure pizza pleasure. As always I did not have dessert, cause one pizza is just a little bit too much already. Especially if you eat the crusts with olive oil and salt.

However, both pizza and salt are things I should be avoiding in the coming months. I have bought a new scale and even though it smiles very sweetly when you turn it on, it just gave me a devilish percentage of fat after I stood on it, so I probably have to cut carbs, salt, fat, sugar and all of those other amazing things for a while. I need to get to a beautiful 25 percent. And even though weight loss can be accomplished pretty swiftly, that does not go for fat I am afraid.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

So even though I love my faves at certain restaurants, I should probably be avoiding them. The restaurants I mean. And if I can’t skip the restaurants, I should probably start skipping favorite foods and eat salads a bit more often. I hear two tablespoons of vinegar a day actually do wonders for your belly fat. But I can promise you: that will never ever be a favorite.

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