My Porgs are reunited

They do not look too happy about it, but I am positive they are: my porgs are back together. Actually I used to only have one, when the movie just came out, but now I saw that there is also one with its wings spread widely and I could not help myself… They are so cute though.

Its a male and a female, cause one is bigger and one has yellow cheeks. Apparently, that is what sets them apart. But other than that I do not know that much about these creatures from Star Wars. They live on the island where Luke Skywalker was hiding, that’s a fact, but there is not much known about them. Or maybe I didn’t really do my homework that well, cause you know the Star Wars universe: it goes on forever.

Trying to be less messy

I am not really into collecting a lot of figurines anymore. I am actually trying to get rid of many of them, cause I don’t really know where to put them in my house. It looks so messy, and I am not the most proper person in the world, which is a bit of a mismatch. And often a messy house also feels messy in the head, right?

I thought I would have a hard time getting rid of the figurines I have lovingly collected over the years, but it is actually not that bad. They were in my living room for a long time so I have looked at them a lot. And the ones that I really can’t miss I will keep anyway, like the Porg. I even found its friend on the beautiful internet again.

But for there Funko Pop-figurines I have decided to make an exception. I think the Porgs are so funny in The Last Jedi. And I really look forward to the new flick, hopefully they’ll return. And hopefully they don’t get eaten by Chewbacca. But first there are so many other flicks to watch: Dumbo, Lion King, Avengers, and many more. Better movies than What Men Want? I certainly hope so.

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