Was the child Ben in What Men Want dubbed?

I just came out of the cinema where I saw What Men Want, the female answer to the 2000 movie starring Mel Gibson. In the lead role, you can watch the amazing Taraji P Henson act her butt off, and the rest of the movie is just very meh. It is not a movie to have high hopes for in the first place, but it really does not do anything to even surprise you just a little bit.

So if you want to watch a very brainless flick that will not surprise you at all, and if you really love Taraji, then enjoy. My friend and I agreed that it was not good. No one in the crowd was laughing (there was hardly any crowd in the cinema at all, as people tend to check out RottenTomatoes scores before they buy their expensive cinema tickets) and it was just not funny, not moving and not spectacular, which made it boring. And come on, reading peoples minds is such an easy thing to make funny. Especially the wedding scene is absolutely awful, the badness was kinda uncomfortable.

Is the kid in What Men Want dubbed?

So… I am lying a little bit, cause there was one thing that surprised me: little Ben. Ben is the son of the obvious object of affection of our star, and it is a very cute kid. In real life his name is Auston Moore and he is kinda famous already as he played in a movie called The Quad in 2018. Okay so he is not superfamous yet, but he is just a small kid! What I was wondering about is if he was dubbed and if he was dubbed by himself. Somehow every time he speaks it just feels like his words and his mouth are not entirely in sync. Maybe its just me (cause I can’t find anything about it on the internet), but I felt like something was just a little off whenever he spoke.

If there are more people feeling like this, please leave a note, so I do not have to feel all alone in this world filled with doubts about American children being dubbed in American movies. 😉

Oh and by the way, do watch carefully what you search for if you are looking for information on this kid being dubbed when talking. I accidentally wrote “what men want bed talking”, and I got a very, very odd response from Google.. I swear I meant ben, not bed!

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