Spring is in the air!

So, I used to be a winter person, always wishing it was cold, dark and Christmassy. But the past few years I have learned to appreciate all seasons so much more. For example, spring. Now don’t think I’ll be skipping around cuddling chicks and smelling flowers (though I would definitely cuddle a baby chicken). But I appreciate being able to go outside and feel the sun on my face.

My face looks so much less bad when it had some sun, so every time there is a little bit of sunshine, I try to go outside. Thanks to my new internet connection, I can write articles in my garden, which is awesome. I already had dinner outside, though today I decided I had to wear a wool jumper, which was insane as it was pretty hot outside. But tomorrow might be sweater weather again…

New season, new headaches

The switch of seasons usually means headaches get worse, so I always hope for the best and if I do get a headache, when there are lightning and thunder they usually go away. I like being a bit more sporty after just being lazy for too many months: I try to go running again, I walk outside more and I like how everyone’s mood is just a bit better during spring.

What I love most is making plans though, festivals are coming up, concerts are announced and that is one of the best ways to spend my summer: hanging out with my friends. I am pretty thrilled about the holiday I got planned with my boyfriend too, it is nice to catch some extra sun and it is an excellent way to make myself loose weight. I have to get bikini ready finally.

After a certain person and I broke up, I hardly ate for many months, which made me get in shape pretty well, but that progress is gone now, and I really need to lose some weight. A girl I know used a Fitbit weight scale that really showed her that she had to do something, and I really want one too, but they are crazy expensive (over 100 euros).

Chocolate is my best friend and my arch nemesis

So I am still considering whether I should go for it or not. At the moment I am mostly trying to get into running again and trying not to eat too much chocolate, but the latter is never something I am really good at hihi. Thanks to the weather, it is so much easier to go outside and get me on my feet. I am really looking forward to this summer, especially if my hard work on my body will pay off and I do not get too much seduction from little miss chocolate…

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