Beyonce’s Homecoming is pretty emotional

So when people said there was going to be a documentary on Beyonce on Netflix, I was all ears. And then when I read that it was actually gonna be about the Coachella gig, I was even more excited. Lemonade might have been a very powerful message thanks to its deliverance: this concert actually had a more powerful message.

Last year L and I went to see Beyonce and Jay Z in concert on their On the Run-tour, number two, which was a very cool experience, but I was of course pretty envious of people in America for getting that awesome Coachella gig by Queen B herself. Which is why we both bought the shawls of Coachella, as they are so cool. Sometimes Beyonce makes me feel like I am 16. Anyway… what’s even better about Homecoming, is that it is now on Netflix, so you can watch it all with great sound and sharp images, instead of a crappy phone recording.

Beyonce’s Homecoming

I have watched it all today and it is one hell of a ride. Especially cause the show makes an impression: it is totally Beyonce: perfect moment, perfect people, perfect dancing, it all looks well, flawless. And then there are the more personal diary-parts in between. And those have really touched me. Not even the parts that are very much about black culture, cause though they obviously are very interesting to me, they are not something I have experienced and therefore they touch me in a different way.

I am talking about the bits where Beyonce is just a woman. That moment she is so happy she finally fits a certain outfit, after she was about 100 kilos when having her twins, the look on her face, the joy, the feeling of accomplishment, the wanting to share that with someone (in her case Mr Carter šŸ˜‰ ). It is just so sweet and emotional somehow. It is not just that Bey shows that even she is struggling with her body, but she also shows just how hard she works in that little scene: kids, a concert, a body to take care of, perfectionism to deal with. It is all a lot.

A masterpiece

But the whole Homecoming of Beyonce on Netflix is worth watching. As a whole it is just a masterpiece, I can’t even explain it. She is such a goddess and the people around her are so happy to be a part of this work of art. I just want to watch Homecoming over and over and over again. I hope it will not disappear from Netflix too soon, cause it offers a lot of valuable lessons and insights into black culture (and American culture). I hope a lot of kids can get more of a sense of the history, as there are very defining quotes in this documentary. All beautifully done and directed by our one and only Yonce.

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