I started running, again

There have never been a lot of sports that I liked. I like horseriding, but not in the strict ways people do it mostly in stables in The Netherlands. I liked hockey, but I am not a very group/team kinda person. Also I completely lack any competitional drive. Yep. I really do not care if I win, or if I make it at all.

It’s kinda funny to me, cause other people find it hard to understand. I have it too when I play video games: I have no problem at all putting my controller down and just think: whatever. It does annoy me a little bit though, cause it makes me not a very good candidate for sports that do not involve a team. I am, for example, pretty bad at going to the gym. There are always 1000 reasons to think of, simply not to have to go, and then I don’t.


The same goes for running. Though my mom used to ran marathons, I am just not like that. Everytime I start to run, every step of the way I just think to myself: I want to stop, I want to stop. Thankfully though, there is the Zombie 5K, but also “Hardlopen met Evy” (also known as Start2Run). The latter is a program in which you run 3 times a week for 10 weeks and then you can run 5 kilometres. I haven’t made it yet, though I was very close once. Then I got an injury and then I had to stop for weeks. That is what I find most sucky about running events: I always hear people around me that are training, and then they get an injury and they miss the event.

Anyway, even though I am so positive about running 😉 I have started the Start2Run thing again. Hopefully that will get me a bit more in shape, a bit more outside, a bit more cleaning my head. I am also trying really hard to not be too aware of myself. That has to do with more than just running, which I will get into in a later blog. But I am not going to be worried about how hard I breathe when I am passing people by, cause you know what: at least I am trying something. It’s hard for me though, I really have to reset my brain everytime.


But the same goes for the running thing; I have to keep telling myself not to stop. Thankfully this program will talk to me while running, so I know exactly how long I will have to run, and then I can walk a bit. The first lesson went pretty well actually, though it was only 2 minutes of running a few times, but at least it is a start. Not that I really want to run: I mainly want to lose weight and get in shape. But, it would be cool to put a cherry on top: hopefully I will be ready to a 5K-run this summer. Who knows?

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