I’ve lost my geeky ways a bit

Every once in a while I change a lot. Or at least: I get the urge to really clean everything up, throw everything away and just start from scratch a bit. That goes for pictures on my social media, but also for physical stuff in my house. As I redid my living room a few months ago, many of the geeky things have been removed. I have mixed feelings about it.

So this cleaning out my geeky stuff thing was not thought through, meaning I was not purposely taking out a bit of geekiness from my living room. But I did notice that when I did, I started to think more about who I am, why I have not been playing as many video games as I used to, et cetera. At first I was okay with it: I know I have always loved writing and I knew that even though I am geeky, I am not someone that ever played a video game for more than six hours straight. It is just not how I play. I play small portions usually.

So many amazing franchises

But I have been playing less and less in the past year, and I have been writing more and more. Which is awesome, but there is also still a geek inside of me that wants to come out. And now that I do not have my trinkets close anymore, I feel like she wants to come out even more. I still love so many amazing franchises, such as The Walking Dead, Life is Strange et cetera, it just feels like a waste not to let myself get inspired by it some more. Cause it is so much easier writing articles when you really know how it feels to play that specific game.

It is not just me by the way: the thing is that there is just so much out there. You can’t play it all, you can’t watch it all, you can’t love it all, and that is difficult for me too. I sometimes find it hard putting my hours into something while I’d rather be playing something else. Or really make that choice to join a certain movement, say Kingdom Hearts. I really like the games, but I hardly finished any of them, because there is only so much time.

It’s an unbalance

The time dilemma also comes to mind a lot because of work. I have been working my ass off and that has been great, but sometimes I just long for a bit more spare time, spare time to -for example 😉 – play video games. So over the years it has been a bit of an unbalance thing I suppose. Because I write more, I have less time, and because I have less time to play, it takes me more time to write.

My plan is to make a bit more time for gaming on the weekends, and perhaps before I go to sleep. I have a few awesome games waiting for me, and I am very eager to finally play them. I have worked hard, I may get a few hours of home time that is not filled with writing, right? And yes, I will also put a few geeky things back where they belong: close to me.

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