A little something to remind me that I am Dutch

So I have been getting more tattoos the past few years and there are still many on my to-get-inked-list. I am still very happy with every single one of them, though sometimes I am considering upgrading one. And there is my first tattoo, that I might want to get covered up with Batman or something like that.. Still thinking about it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you a bit about my newest one, done by Katya Slonenko (@slonenkotattoo). She works at White Whale Tattoo studio in Amsterdam.

As is normal these days, I usually find tattoo artists on Instagram. For example when Salon Serpent has guest spots, or because I simply follow so many tattoo studios that tattoo artists are often recommended. I do not really remember how but I saw one post by Katya and I was in love. At the time I was talking to UVE to get a cool 3D-glasses-thing done, but that would have been pretty expensive.

Katya’s signature tattoo

Then I saw Katya’s signature tattoo: a bicycle with flowers: think lines, very Dutch. She also did one with a little basket holding two cats. I fell in love with her cute and yet authentic design right then and there. Thankfully she was available pretty soon and she could make a design looking like my cats if I would just send her some pictures. She was really lovely over email so I was not scared about going there. Of course I was curious as I had never been at this studio before, but her designs are so lovely, she must be lovely too.

And she was. She really was. She took the time to let me put the stencil on me multiple times till we got it right. And she is a pretty fast tattooer too. I think it took less than half an hour to get this beauty done. It is on the inside of my arm, looking out to the outside a bit. It’s colorful, it is exactly the type of bike with colors I had in mind and again, she was very friendly and patient.


I really like her other stuff too: she makes little snapshot-like tattoos of Amsterdam streets and other cute stuff with hard black lines. It is funny cause for the first time two of my tattoos are very close to one another, and that makes me look way more tattooed than I have ever looked, hihi. But Millennium Falcon and this bike go together quite well. Again, I love all of my tattoos, they make me feel a bit more confident actually.

If it was just me I would have had sooo many more tattoos, but often I tend to be with people that are not too fond of me having too many tatts. Not that anyone prohibits me or anything, but if the other is not that much into tattoos, it is easier to wait a little bit longer in between two tatts than if I would be with someone as enthusiastic as myself. But I am definitely not done yet… 😉


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