That 70’s Show is actually pretty charming

These days when I am writing, I always watch That 70’s Show, which is streamable through Netflix. I used to not love it that much, even though Laura Prepon stars in it. I just did not really feel it, may be because I did not watch it often enough.

And perhaps as well, because at the time it was still on, there was this weird show on MTV where people had to live in the 70’s, do you remember that? It was like The Real World but it was called The 70’s House and you would be judged on how 70’s you were acting, or something odd like it. It was weird, and for some reason my brain connected the two.

Too bad, though now I have all this fun by myself, watching this series. It is so great that it’s so many seasons: I have been watching for weeks now and I really appreciate how much originality there is in the stories. Though the characters are always acting like you would expect them to, the stories that unfold are always just a little bit different.

Fez is the star

I always thought Fez was quite annoying, but he is basically the star of the show, which is pretty hilarious. It is not a show that makes me roll over the floor laughing, but there aren’t many shows like that around anyway. I do sometimes laugh at weird moments, especially things with Donna and Eric. And I learned to appreciate Eric’s mom a lot.

I still do not really get Ashton Kutcher though, or let’s say, Michael Kelso. He is not that funny, he is quite annoying and I never understand what people find so hot about him. All characters are predictable, but he is annoying so his predictable-ness is just a bit extra annoying. He never really acts different or does anything good for the group, which makes me wonder why they want him there.

The rest is perfect though, Red’s remarks are awesome and Donna’s parents really fit the 70’s so well. There’s only a few seasons left before I have to start looking for a different show to watch while writing… Let’s not think about it yet, and just enjoy the original series that is That 70’s Show.

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