Guess who’s back?

Yep, it’s me, who else would you expect, silly? I have decided to finally blog on PsychoUnicorn again. I went through some stuff, then I went through some more stuff and now I am here. Still very busy writing, still trying to enjoy spending time with the dearest people in my life, but also still not being able to remember anything.

And that is kinda what brings me here. Not that I am going to use this blog as some sort of diary, but I noticed that whenever I do not remember something, for example about my trip to Japan, I really love that it is just out here for me to think back. So in a way it is a diary, but I will still just write articles about stuff happening in my life, which can still be video game reviews, discussions on Netflix shows et cetera.


In case you were wondering, Moksie has not ran away anymore, which I am very thrilled by. But spring has started so I am a bit afraid he might leave again. There is not much you can do about it though, is there? I really love him so much though, he is always so sweet to me, just like Schram. Vloekje has actually left the building a while ago, let me tell you about it.

Vloekje was the Norwegian Forest Cat I had. It was my first cat ever, I had her first and then Schram a few days later I think. I had her from a cattery, so she’s all official with a family tree and official papers and what not. She was black and she had the cutest white socks on. She was a pretty cute cat in general, though she has always been a bit of a handful.

She was born in autumn and that meant in her case that she was a bit weak. Her first weeks with us we had to drop stuff in her eyes as she had trouble with it. She also suffered from bladderstones, we would learn later on. And eventually I even had to have a few teeth pulled out, because they were not okay.

Vloekje had a very cat like personality: she was not much of a cuddler, she really wanted to do her own thing. I was fine with that and we were all fine, until Moksie came along. They did not hate eachother, but they really disliked eachother, meaning she would often growl at him. When we moved houses, she started to pee against the doors (even though she could go outside), because she was just having trouble with other cats all the time. It drove me crazy.

Vloekje was not happy

I am not the cleanest person ever, as you can’t be when you have cats, (and because I am too busy enjoying life 😉 ), but she made the house so dirty, I did not really feel like coping with her all the time. Then a few days she was gone, and it was a while after Moksie was gone. I called the local shelter and they said a couple near me took her in, as she was crossing the street very dangerously and she was meowing at them the whole time.

I went to their house and thanked them for their very thorough help, but when Vloekje was home a couple of days, she just kept on meowing and meowing, as if she just wanted to go back to those people. So one day I decided that she simply was not at her best in my house. Even though I love her, I should probably let her go. It would be better for the peace of the two other cats I have, and it would be nice for her and for the people that started loving her so much in just a few days time.

Though at the time I thought about it carefully and I was pretty happy she had found a nice place, I notice myself thinking about her lately. Of course I miss her, she has spent 10 years of her life with me, but lately I have really been missing the little person she is. I should probably drop by the people that have her now and she how she is doing.

I texted her new owners

Anyway, so that is mainly the story about Vloekje: she is not in my house anymore and I have not seen her in quite a while. I miss her, but it is okay, she must be happier there: she could always have come back, though they say she prefers to be indoors these days. Oh well, this little lady is a bit older now too, so I can imagine and I can only hope they do what is right for her. They are real cat people, so I trust that she is doing perfectly fine. Hopefully I have the courage to visit her soon though.

UPDATE! Hihi, already: I actually just texted the people and they said she is really getting older now: she even has arthritis, but she responds well to the meds. Poor little animal, but at least she is taken care of really well.

So, not the easiest topic to start off with, but I am back, so tomorrow I’ll write something a bit more light, alright? 😉


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