If you do Escape World, skip Midnight Magic

Together with my friends I did an escape room today, which was fun. As the group was so big, we booked three rooms at Escape Room in Amsterdam: The Chocolate Factory (which is the hardest), Cabin in the Woods (which seems to be the most fun) and Midnight Magic (which I would not recommend). The themes were pretty fun, especially the Cabin in the Woods is a very nice one, though the Chocolate Factory has some exciting features too. My group was Midnight Magic, which was a bit of a let-down.

Midnight Magic

The room has some pretty nice features, but it is quite linear. My friend accidentally could open a door which was not supposed to be able to open, and that was a bit strange. Also, in one text it said something that would happen if we would do a few things right, but that did not really happen. So we were walking around looking for other things while the whole time we were already where we were supposed to be. The guy did not give us the greatest hints either, at one point he said we had to do something in the first alley, even though that was the second.

The room is supposed to be done in an hour, but we finished it in 45 minutes, mainly because of the looking for other things even though we were already there. Also the theme is not really coming to life that much. May be they should add an exciting video or scare you or make it a bit misty, to have it feel more like a magic school. It would be even better if someone would walk by at some point, being the headmaster.

Bummed out

Anyway, we came out of the room not too excited, though we were happy we made it. Especially hearing the others talk so happily about their room, we really felt like we made the wrong choice. Especially as these rooms are not cheap, we were bummed out even more. We have done other escape rooms that were way cheaper and also way more exciting. Hopefully better next time.

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