Greasy but so good: Coco’s Outback potato skins

As a vegetarian there are not too many bad foods to eat when you are out. You could go get falafel, or a veggie kroket or a veggie hamburger at McDonalds (which is pretty meh). Fastfood is not really a veggie thing yet, but there is some slower fastfood to get that is soooo bad for you but sooo good for the soul, I need to tell you about it. I am talking about the potato skins at Coco’s Outback.

Coco’s Outback is my fave hangout in Amsterdam. It is near Rembrandtsquare, it has cocktails, it is international and it has fun parties for everyone. It also has food. The food is not the greatest part about Coco’s. I am going to be real honest here, the food is really not super amazing. I loooove Coco’s to death, but I would not really go there for dinner.

Some of their things are pretty nice, but the food-food things are not the greatest. Their snacks are amazing though. I really love their potato skins, which are pretty disgusting actually: supergreasy, lots of fatty sauce to go with them, very crunchy. But I looove them. They are my favorite guilty food pleasures in Amsterdam.

They are cut potatoes, pretty sure they go into the deep fryer, and they service them with creme fraiche-kinda sauce. There is nothing healthy about them, but they are soooo bad it’s good. You do not, however, want to have them with anything else. It should just be a cocktail and those things. No other food, cause the calories might kill you.

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