Muiderslot is pretty techy

When you are a kid at a Dutch school, you will probably have to do this thing where all the kids would sit in a circle on Monday morning and some of them get to talk about their weekend. I remember many kids used to go to the Muiderslot, which is one of the few castles in the Netherlands that is actually open for visitors. It is very much like a museum as well, which makes it an interesting day out. I had never been until a few weeks ago, and I am so happy we did.


I went there with a few friends and my boyfriend, which was nice cause he knows tons of stuff about Dutch history. We had a pretty nice high tea at the restaurant in the castle, and we took a tour that was truly awesome. The tour guide had a very dramatic way of speaking and even though my friends thought he was a bit over the top, I loved every minute of it. I was very impressed with the guy, as the kids kept on listening to him quietly for the whole hour.


He told us many things about the Muiderslot, what some things were for, how people were living hundreds of years ago et cetera. It was very impressive and super interesting to hear. It is too bad it never sticks with me, so I can’t really tell you a lot about it though, hihi. After the tour we walked around the castle for a bit, enjoying the beautiful knight armor and other stuff from the middle ages.


What I did not expect was that there were these games for kids, that were very techy. You could ride a horse and use a lance to throw eachother off the horse in a virtual game that was projected between the two horses and lances. Also there was this game where you had to throw balls at people wanting to climb your castle. It was pretty bloody in a cute way, and I liked how the balls were real iron like and the game was just projected.


If my little Maple is old enough I would definitely take her to the Muiderslot. It is not as big as I thought, but it is so amazing to walk around in a castle. It even made old me think about being a real damsel of the castle. The castle looks amazing too, I love how beautiful it still is, even though my boyfriend said his re-enactment group has issues with the location because of all the modern things like lamps et cetera. Hihi, I looked at it so differently.

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