Little Girl’s Eyes is my jam

Ever since I got my hands on a few tickets to see the Lenny Kravitz concert later this year in the Netherlands, I have been listening to his music a lot. The album 5 will always be my favorite, cause it really made me discover Lenny Kravitz as an artist. Plus, I have fond memories of American Woman, which a few cute guys at this birthday kept calling me cause I was wearing my American flag shirt.

I am super thrilled about going to see Lenny live. He is one of those artists that I have been into for quite a while, not just because he makes awesome music, he is a creative person, he has a beautiful family and he works so hard. He is a true legend, and I look forward to finally seeing him live.

So ever since I have been listening to his music a lot more again, I noticed this song called Little Girl’s Eyes. It really caught my eye (or should I say ear) right away, the melodramatic synthesizers, the slowness, the high impact of it. And what surprises me even more is that I do not even love the lyrics that much. Or, lets say: I do not like the Little Girls Eyes part of it. I understand everything about this song, and it feels like a love song, but I guess it is meant for his daughter, which confuses me a bit cause it is such a freaking sexy song.

On the other hand it is quite funny, cause it is a tribute to Zoe, his daughter, who is now a very talented and extremely gorgeous actress, so the sexiness I understand now, but I do not really associate it with little girls… Anyway, it is just my jam, everything is so mellow about it, it is just slow and sexy, and I really hope he will perform it at the concert. I love his voice too: it is not always as beautiful, but it is so nice and raw, I love it.


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