We went to gay night: The Wound


In one of our Amsterdam cinemas there is this monthly event called Gay Night. It means you will get to see a movie about being gay, or gay characters at least, and you get a drink and there are prizes and it is just very cute. For some reason it is pretty much a male gay thing, which could be the outcome of the movie choice: it is usually about gay men.


As I love gay cinema, I always wanted to go to Gay Night, which I never did, because I usually have other things to do on the evenings that Gay Night is on. Thankfully this month I could actually watch the movie, and L went along. Actually: Linda really wanted to see the movie, The Wound, and it was only on gay night.


So we went there, and it was lovely. There was this gay guy giving her so much attention I started thinking he was hitting on her, even though she is a heterosexual woman and he is a gay man, but other than that, I really felt so nice between all these couples and beautiful people. L and I took an adorable picture of our heart donuts (it’s a pre Valentines thing 😉 ) and then the movie started, which was an interesting and kinda entertaining movie about an African guy that was struggling with his sexuality, while also being in love with someone that was just pushing and pulling him. Lets say it was very close to what our lives are like the past few years, so it was an intense watch.


Next month I would love to go to another gay night, cause it was just a good atmosphere and I love watching movies that are a bit more alternative. I hope L will join me again, cause it is very funny to watch her as the powerful heterosexual woman between all these gay men, hihi, especially her dealing with one of them who was a bit too enthusiastic about her, hihi. It is lovely and I am super glad she does not feel awkward about being viewed as a gay couple, which people probably did think, haha.


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