Lady Gaga’s Five Foot Two: food for thought

When you login on Netflix these days, chances are pretty big you will have the Lady Gaga documentary Five Foot Two recommended to you. Even though I thought I was a bit done with Lady Gaga, as I did not love her latest albums, I am really glad I did watch this documentary.


In many respects it does not really do a lot of new things: it is in many ways your typical pop princess documentary: the craziness of the fans, the loneliness of the artist life, the ways of dealing with the press, and the studio bits where you can see that the artist is actually very serious about her work.


However, Five Foot Two is a bit more than that. You really see Lady Gaga being a very vulnerable person, cause Joanne is a very personal album. I thought it was mainly interesting when she went to visit her grandmother, and the reaction of her grandmother was so down to earth. It really showed how emotional Gaga was. I was not sure if she was overreacting, I mean: how can see feel worse about something than the mother of the child that it was about, but then I thought: the lady must be a mess, and her grams probably just wants to keep things light and normal for tv.


What I liked about the documentary is that I suddenly realised I actually quite like many songs of the new album. It reminded me of the songs, and now that I know more about where the songs came from, I listen to them differently. The only thing about this documentary that I am not entirely sure about, is how to feel about her heartbreak. I do not really know how to place that in context, and she makes me feel like she thinks she is the only one whose heart gets broken every time. Especially how she says it: she says some crazy number of album sales, and then says someone left her. It is a very odd way of connecting dots: I can’t seem to understand it. It has been going through my mind often, so I might get my head around it at some point, but at this moment I am just not understanding any of that.


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