I need another The Weeknd album

Lately I have been listening to many different artists, but there is one I keep on going back to, which is The Weeknd. I must say I have been thinking about the guy a lot lately and I can’t really put my finger on it why. I just love his voice so much, I really long for a new album.

So what do you do when you are curious? You check out his Wikipedia-page. I always think it is funny how everybody acts like Wikipedia is not to be trusted, while at the same time everybody keeps on using it for everything. I am exactly like that, I love Wikipedia, and I have hardly been wrong when using it. Anyway, I learned that he just received a grammy for Starboy, which obviously is totally true, cause it is one of the best urban contemporary albums of last year. Other than that his Wikipedia page is not really helping: it does not say anything about a new album.

I would consider him a person to just drop an album all of a sudden, but I also think he has been busy with so many other things lately, he might not have had time to make on yet hihi. I am so scared I will have to wait for another 6 months or so. I mean, I can’t keep listening to Lust for Life over and over, right? Thinking about the possibility of a new album does make me think back to the concert, which I really have fond memories of, even though I was so angry about all the phones hanging in the air. His music really helped me through some stuff, and I simply love the darkness and depth of it.

The Weeknd, I miss you, come back!

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