When the arch nemesis of my cats was locked in

A while ago I went away for the weekend, and when I left I could not really catch all my cats to put them in my home, so I thought: I will make sure their door will only let them in, and then locks so they can’t get out. That was a stupid decision. I did not just let the cats in, there was room for their arch nemesis. Which I discovered when I got home a few days later. Damn.


I was a little shocked when I saw my house after a few days in Antwerp, cause my curtain was ripped. I saw it through the window, standing outside, and I was like: did someone break into my house, or did the cats have some crazy party without me? When I came in I noticed my living room was super messy, there was a bottle of soy sauce in my kitchen that seemed to have exploded over the weekend and there was cat pee in my hallway.


I was not too thrilled, but I was extremely tired so I just wanted to sleep. But just before I went to bed, I realised I hadn’t really cuddled my cats, who usually come straight to me when I get home. Moksie even meows for cuddles when I go to the bathroom first. He really wants them, otherwise he gets mad. So I thought: hey, what is up with those little monsters? And then it came to me: it was not a mess because my own cats were crazy, which I already found a bit too intense for these 10 year old kitties. It was a not so friendly neighbourhood cat.


And.. he was still in my house, he had to be! When I saw Moksie growl at something underneath the couch, I was sure: the red cat they always hated so much, was IN the house! And indeed he was, hissing at me in my own home. He was pretty aggressive, which is logical considering he probably was sitting there many hours. It took me and my tired head quite a while to get him out of my house, but I was glad he was gone. My cats were still stressed for a day or two, but thankfully they are fine now. I was not too happy about having to clean my house again, but I am just glad no one got hurt. And I have not seen the red cat in my house again, so I think that little one learned his lesson too.

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