Yay! I got a high score at an arcade

It is a bit of a bucket list thing: getting a high score at an arcade, though it was not really good enough to really cross off that “highscore” thing on my list. It is pretty cool though, as it was in a video game that requires you to get aggressive and throw around a tabletop.


It is weird, it is very Japanese and I did not really understand it, but who cares: I had a freaking top 10 score! I was fourth place in this level that required me to practically burn the house down during a funeral. I am dark like that, hihi. It was not really clear to me when I had to do what, but when the exclamation point started to flash red or something, I was like: this is the time. It is very funny cause you then see the damage you do, and the impact it has on things.

It was a fun evening, I was with my colleague C and had a nice dinner at the American restaurant Pendergast, which has this amazing vegan dish that makes me want to tell meat eaters they are crazy cause the vegan dish is BETTER than meat. Lovely place, it is nice and tiny, but the food is good, the people are really food and America loving people and it is very close to the Westerpark area, which houses the Ton Ton Club.


The Ton Ton Club is a place where you can play arcade games. They have Terminator, which I was very good at for some weird reason, they have this superfun Japanese thing where you have to beat drums and many other things that are weird and Japanese. And of course Mario Kart, which is excellent too. C and I had a great evening, and even though we had to wait for other players to finish a few times, it was a great evening, we had some drinks, we got to play everything we wanted and we both got high scores and the weird table game.


Would I go to Ton Ton more often? I have actually been there more often, but not this one, the one in the Red Light District. I must say though, that is nothing compared to this epic Westerpark one. I would definitely come back here, though I would not really go as far as becoming a regular. It is pretty expensive, and it is a bit crowded as well. Also, I do not really like the feeling of being watched when I play games, or when I do anything really, so I would rather play at home. There are many occassions where going home is a bit weird, for example with a colleague, so this evening was just perfect: great fun really.


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