Hema Charcoal peel-off face mask review

They are all over Facebook, beauty blogs and what not: charcoal masks. Black fits my soul, so I kinda like that super black stuff to put on your face, but I am actually pretty surprised that all those white and glitter loving beauty bloggers love it so much. It is dark! I finally tried a charcoal mask today and I must say, I was not too impressed.

I have not really been impressed by any facial masks lately. There are not many out there that really make your face feel different. Mostly a good night of sleep does amazing things to my face. A mask? Not really… It might also be my own fault though, cause for some reason me and peel off masks never really get along. I always put too much on my face and then it never really gets to the point of being plasticy enough to get pulled off.

That means I often have a lot of stuff on my face to wash off, which can be a challenge. Especially with this HEMA Limited Edition one, which is black and does not look good when left on your face. I am even not sure if I should put that photo of me with that mask on this blog, cause it just looks odd. That is okay, I mean, a facial mask does not have to look very nice, but there is more I do not like about this mask.

The smell is not great, so there is not really a reason to enjoy this mask. Maybe it did wonderful things to my face had I put it on a bit lighter, but to me this one was a failed experiment, which is too bad. I do not mind it when facial masks are not cute or comfortable, but then they at least have to make it worth while by making my face feel super soft or something like it. I really like Hema, but this mask is a disappointment.

PS: yes, I also feel that this mask makes me look like a BDSM chick, don’t you think?

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