The This is Holland Experience is cray

So last year I have made a new friend who is very dear to me. We see eachother a lot, she is a total babe and I love her! In a friendly way, just to be clear, not everybody seems to understand that. Anyway, she is awesome and she is open to a lot of things, which is why I had a blast taking her to a surprise thing: the This is Holland Experience.

This is Holland

The This is Holland Experience is this flight simulator where you sit on a bench that gets in front of a huge orb shaped screen and then it is just as if you are flying over the world. Your feet hang loose, there is wind and water in your face and that makes the experience very real and thrilling.

If you know the Disneyworld Ride Soarin’, you know what the This is Holland Experience is. This time though, you do not fly over the beautiful orange fields of Florida, smelling the delicious sweet scents of the fruit. Nope, you fly over the most beautiful Dutch places, smelling flowers and cow poo. Okay not the latter, but I would not have mind it if it was there. I LOVE COWS OK?!

So I took L there, together with friend M, and it was so funny. I was not aware she does not like rollercoasters, so she probably was a bit scared at the beginning, but soon she got what we were about to do and she just could not stop laughing. The system was a bit too enthusiastic on the waterdrops, but other than that it was a real blast that I would recommend to both tourists and fellow Dutchies. It is a bit expensive though: you are probably there for an hour or so, and the entrance fee is 16 euros. Still though, it will give you a very different sense of the Netherlands.



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