Lush Christmas Sweater – Bath Bomb review

Just like last year I went a bit crazy in the Lush Xmas sale. I bought the biggest box imaginable, WOW it is called and it includes over 30 products. It was a nightmare carrying it to my cinema date with K, but it was so worth it. One of the contents of the WOW Lush box is this honey: Christmas Sweater.

Christmas Sweater

I must say, it is not the best Lush product ever. First of all the decoration of two reindeer does not really show very well, as it is very fragile. Also I am not totally digging the smell, which is a bit spicy thanks to the ginger, mustard powder and coriander seeds. It is a bit much for me, I really prefer the sweeter things.

What I do really like about this baby is that it explodes pretty neatly in the bath. It is not just red and white, there is an orange core that makes for a spectacular fireworks-kinda vibe when thrown in the bath tub. The water gets to be very orange, which is amazing. I sent this guy a selfie of me in the bath (a very proper one, you dirty people) and he was like: wow, that water is crazy orange. It is, I love my country!

Just kidding of course, but I do like how the bath bomb is making the water extremely orange in a way that you can’t see through the water anymore. My issue with many of the Lush bath bombs is that they do not really foam (the bath bubble bars are amazing for that though) and I do not really want to see my body, so the orange color of the Xmas sweater really gives a cozy Christmas sweatery feeling.

I would probably not buy this bath bomb again, but that is solely because the smell is not really my thing. Just like Lord of Misrule it is simply too spicy for me.

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