Wonder Wheel is not Allens best work

I am a big sucker for Woody Allen movies. I am not yet sure how I feel about the director, but his movies always have these subjects that I can really relate to somehow. This all sounds very tragic, as nearly all his movies involve  failed dreams, longing for things outside of the scope and basically broken people that get cheated on.

Wonder Wheel is no different. In this flick you can see Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet get involved in this super fucked up relationship, that looks all good and sweet from the outside. The funny thing is that that is actually very familiair as it is what most “relationships” in 2017 are like: you are not yet in a relationship, but you are kinda involved, not sure what the other person is doing, but also not having the power over a person to tell them what to do.

I liked the movie, it was a fun watch, but it was not Allens best work as it was predictable, a bit over acted and a bit vague. I did not really get why the movie is called Wonder Wheel for example: Allen did not use the setting of the story that much. Also, I missed getting more information on the alcohol abuse that seems to be an important topic, though it does not really get a lot of explanation, diminishing the importance of it.

Would I recommend you seeing it? If you love Woody Allen movies, definitely do, but if you are not into that director, or not really into “romance” stories, I think there are better flicks to watch.

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