Christmas market Essen was cute

After a very disappointing German Christmas Market in Sofia, Bulgaria, I was really looking forward to visiting a real Christmas Market. My friend I, her husband N and a friend of theirs A went there and I could come too, supernice, especially cause I just really love spending time with them, they are always so sweet to me. Essen it was, cause that is fairly close to the Netherlands.

I was picked up at 10 o clock so we arrived at the city of Essen approximately three hours later. As soon as we came out of the parking lot we already saw many little stalls and we smelled food and gluhwein and other awesome things, so even though it was freezing cold, we were really enjoying ourselves. We had amazing hot chocolate, we had great food at for example Leo’s Casa, and we also shopped in the mall, which was all nice and busy but not in an annoying way.

It was a lot of fun, as everybody just wanted something and things were not too difficult. When someone got too cold we would go into a store, and my friend I wanted to go to this specific mall for a bottle of Armani perfume they no longer sell in The Netherlands so that was fine too. It was nice to hang out with these adorable people. And it is nice to do these kinda things with my friend as she is pregnant and therefore many of the things we used to do we can’t really enjoy together anymore (having a drink, partying…). So I am happy to be able to share these moments with her.

Would I recommend the Essen christmas market? Yes, I definitely would, though I must say I prefer the one in Oberhausen, cause that has a route that is just a little bit easier. Essen is more scattered, but still it is an amazing christmas market. The people are in the stalls are very friendly, but the people in stores and restaurants are very stern and German. Everytime it surprises me how cold and tough people act in roles that we usually see as being the ‘happy business card of the company’.

But the Xmas market is nice, they offered a lot of food, like cannoli and chocolate covered strawberries, but also scented candles, jewelry, emoji pillows and a lot of Christmas decorations. I bought some cannoli from the market, but the only other thing I bought was bath salts at DM, one of the drug stores in Germany that really makes me happy. Not Lush-happy of course, but they do offer some lovely scents in bath salts, of which you will probably read on this very blog, hihi.

Anyway, we stayed in Essen till 8 o clock or so, and after a nice drive home I think we all crashed. I slept for 11 hours, which is an insane amount for me, it is more than twice the sleep I usually have. Guess I needed it after going out last night and getting back from Sofia the day before. 😉

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