The tiny guy from Buenos Aires

People always find it weird that on Tinder it is custom to note your height. I used to find it a bit weird: love is love, right? But my thoughts about that have changed a bit over the last couple of months. A while ago I had a date with this guy from Buenos Aires. We hadn’t even texted for that long, but I just really liked his jokes and how nerdy he was, so I decided to ask him out.

One evening we met at my fave hangout in Amsterdam, and it was a bit odd cause I did not hear from him two hours before our date, even though I had asked him if we were still on for 10pm. Anyway, I was dolled up so I was happy he was there, perfectly on time by the way, and we sat at the bar and had a drink. We just talked and talked, never any awkward silences but still a few things that I did not really appreciate.

It’s funny cause I totally did not notice it in our text convo’s, but in real life he made a lot of sexual jokes. I can handle a few, but when it is too many or too explicit or it goes on for too long, I can get a bit annoyed. Plus, at one point I put my hair to the back and he was not just checking out my boobs, he was even making this gesture with his face (or you know, he just looked a certain way), which I found a bit.. repulsive. He just gave me this vibe as if this was a done deal or something, and I did not appreciate that.

Other than that we had a very fun conversation and we were definitely crazy enough to like each other, but there were two things that would not work. When we got up I finally saw the difference in height and though I would not find it too big of a problem before, I did feel even more like the huge fat giant I have been feeling like for a while, so I decided right then and there that I would never date a guy that was half my size.

It’s funny cause of course if I fall in love I fall in love with something other than height, but still I found it a bit too out there or something. Well that and the sex jokes. He even said at the end that he couldn’t take the lead cause of his height, and I was like: well, I do not think I will be kissing you anytime soon. It’s funny cause usually I do not mind a cute kiss, but there was this cockiness about him that I found horrendous.

Anyway, I have told the tiny guy from Buenos Aires that I had a good time with him, but that I was not really feeling it. He knew, as I just gave him three Dutch kisses at the end. It was not a bad date though, I really liked what we were discussing, but those sex jokes: holy moly haha.

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