I have discovered Lana del Rey, a tad late

It is so funny to me how I have been re-discovering many artists lately. And actually it is not really a re-discover, more like a finally-I-get-why-people-have-been-telling-me-to-listen-to-them thing. Last year it was Three Days Grace, which people always told me to listen to as I am addicted to dark stuff.

And now I finally listened to Lana del Rey now that she is not super popular anymore, and I absolutely love her. I already appreciated Video Games and that Gatsby song a lot, but now that I am listening to the full album (Dark Paradise) I totally understand why people told me she and I would be a perfect fit, hihi.

Sometimes when I listen for too long her pouty way of singing annoys me a bit, but mostly I just thoroughly enjoy it. Her lyrics are amazing, her storytelling is excellent and her sound is so dope too. Plus, she has multiple duets with The Weeknd, yay! I still listen to The Weeknd a lot.

Anyways, the songs I listen to most are Dark Paradise and Born to Die. I really love how she works with violin and other string music, though I understood from a very reliable source that she often uses the virtual version of violins, not even real ones. But I can’t really hear the difference anyway, so that is fine.

And the good thing about listening to just one album, is that there are many more albums to discover in case I get sick of it, yay! This is me trying to not be overwhelmed with so many albums filled with awesome music hihi.

And of course I still listen to Frank Ocean a lot, though I do struggle with listening to Solo as that song has completely different meaning to me since Lovebox. Fun fact! Apparently the director of Her was filming Frank during his Lovebox performance, which is funny to me cause I actually was looking at that ‘cameraman’ thinking: wow, he stands out. Plus, it makes me happy to realise that these beautiful images and ‘movie’ of Frank might be released somehow, meaning I can watch this great moment in my life over and over again.

Would Frank and Lana ever do a duet? I do not think so cause of The Weeknd, but I do not not see it happen… Who knows? 😉


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