Bucketlist: I’ve seen Frank Ocean live

Okay this life changing event is so much more than just a bucketlist thing being done, but still, it was on my bucketlist and now it has been done so I will call it that, but seriously, it was so amazing that I do not think there are any words to describe this.

I went to London for Lovebox, a festival which I would never have visited if Mr Breaux wasn’t playing, cause I do not really like a lot of artists that were on the lineup for this festival. However! Frank Ocean made me 😉

I flew to London on Friday with my friend Peter that I usually call Petey, and we had some food, but I was so nervous that I had a hard time not thinking about what the evening would bring CONSTANTLY. I am pretty sure Petey picked up on that, so I was kinda happy when he suggested we should just go to the crappy hotel just so we knew what the area was about. There was a very nice lunch place called The Larder, where we were going to have breakfast the next day which was fantastic, egg, lemon, avocado, great!

Anyway, the crappy hotel was indeed extremely crappy, but at least the room was pink, which was awesome. Petey did not go to the concert, so at 3’ish we walked to the area and I went in, being totally nervous, wearing my (kinda) home made Cotton Candy Majin Buu shirt, looking at all the young, beautiful UK people around me. They were all covered in glitters, which apparently is a thing at this festival. Thankfully I was wearing my glittery eye shadow, hihi.

I walked around for a bit, being very impressed by how huge Victoria Park is and how many food trucks the festival offered. Then I headed to the main stage cause that was the place where the magic was about to happen. First there was Rag n Bone Man, who is pretty awesome, cause he looks so tough and he is amazing live. And he makes sad songs, which is something I love.

Then however I made the mistake of standing in line to get a Blonded t shirt. I was waiting there for two hours, I am not kidding, just standing there, and when there were just 5 people in front of me, they said: we can’t make any more t shirts (they were custom made on the spot), so we are sorry. And I was like: wtf, the lady counted me a million times, she knows I have been standing here all this time.

Anyway, not trying to get too annoyed by it, and I did not really miss that much on the festival anyway, I got myself a cocktail and headed to the Main Stage to secure my spot for Frank. Unfortunately this horrible DJ called Charlie XX was giving the most boring DJ show I had ever seen, cause the field was covered with drunk, dancing Brits, which made it hard for me to get close to the stage.

Eventually I did though, I was not in the front, but I was only a few meters away from the ‘catwalk’ Frank would be using. People were standing so close, it was hot, sweaty, I could not really move, my hands were even next to my body, it was hard to put them up cause I was pushed into other people this whole time. And then the wait began. He was supposed to start at 21.30ish, so I only had to endure the people around me for an hour, but then he started half an hour late.

That was tough, especially cause I was tired, I had been standing up for over four hours, hadn’t slept well the night before and I simply was so nervous… Plus, people around me were fainting and puking and yeah, it was not good.

But, as soon as he took the stage it was like I was in heaven. This all sounds very dramatic but it really was an experience. His happy vibe, the way he smiled, the way he carried himself, I was just speechless. I did not even want to sing along because I just wanted to look at him, listen to him, and just take in every second of this short performance (he HAD to stop at 11 o clock, and because he was late he did not get to finish his set…).

It is a few days later now and still when I think back, I get this weird sensation, it is almost like being in love, but different. It is like pure bliss or happiness or whatever. I know this all sounds like I am some crazy person, I never understood people that were totally fanatic about a person, but Frank Ocean is like a unicorn to me. While I stood there during his performance (that was annoyingly sang along the whole time by the audience.. 😦 ), everytime I thought: wow, I am in this moment, he is really here, I am really here,” my eyes teared up. They still do.

We even had eye contact for a moment, which was magical too, as if he stared right into my soul. I dunno, may be I am crazy, but part of me is also happy that I am able to feel so happy about something, you know? He just means a lot to me, his music is outstanding, and well, that vibe around him, I don’t know, it was just everything, pure love.

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