Happy new year! Guess who’s back?

Yeah, so I was away for a while, due to many reasons such as busyness with other projects, having an intense new friendship with a colleague of mine and a broken heart, or 1,5. Anyway, let’s keep things light for now, shall we?

Happy New Year! I am glad to be back, the last few months I have really noticed how much I enjoy writing my blog, and how much I need it to clear my mind too. I am planning on blogging every day again, so hopefully I will make it. I am still way too ambitious, I still work too much, but I did get a few wake up calls the past month that I really need to start listening to.

So, here we are, 2018. Any resolutions? Of course! For one, I will be working on my weight, on my body, and on my mind. I just really need to become a better version of myself. It is going to be a huge challenge, involving working less, spending more me-time alone, so it will be scary, but it is necessary. I have been running away for too long. That escape game was fun to play, but it is time to face the facts people.

This coming month I will be sharing a few dating stories that occured last year, cause I cherish these people that I have met, even if it was just for a few hours talking. Every date has this story, this feeling, and I would not want to waste that, as they are cool to look back to, even though they always end up bad. I have basically stopped reviewing Disney movies in 100 words, cause I still feel that I haven’t found the right platform for that yet. There might be some changes in the coming months, but PsychoUnicorn will still be me. I hope you’ll like it.

Let’s do this!

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