Lush – Cupid Bath Bomb review

After a lot, aa loooott, of Christmas products, I had decided I needed something different this time, so I went with the Cupid Bath Bomb. It is a bath bomb that is in one of my favorite gift packages of all time: In Your Dreams. It’s not a huge pack, it just contains two bath things, but they look and smell so amazing. The first is Cupid Bath Bomb that I am about to discuss now, and the other is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, that is extremely awesome too.

Anyway, Lush’ Cupid Bath Bomb is a heartshaped bath thing, kinda small’ish, with an arrow through it. The heart is pink, the arrow is dark pink, and as soon as you drop this baby into a bath filled with hot and steamy water, it starts to dissolve. Or not just dissolve: it looks as if the heart gets wings, as the arrows start to really go through the water like crazy, and the heart is somewhat harder so that stays in tact. It is a very pretty sight to see.

Cupid Bath Bomb

So in that sense this is a great bath bomb, but other than that I found it a bit underwhelming. The smell of raspberry and bergamot is nice, but it is very subtle. Even when I crumbled the heart with my hands (yes, that did make me feel like the villain in a Disney movie) when I smelled my hand it was more a powdery smell than really sweet raspberry or anything.

The bath water was not foamy, as this is a bath bomb and not a bubble bar, and the water was very soft pink and very see through. I am never a bit fan of baths that are too see through, but I did like the soft pink, it was really cute. It only needed some rose petals and it was pretty perfect as one of those flower baths some Instagrammers are obsessed with.

Anyway, the Cupid bath bomb did not shoot his arrow straight through my heart, but I did really dig the fun that happens as soon as the bath bomb touches the water. Well done Lush, again.

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