Travel Report Japan – Day 14 – Tokyo

Oh my lord today is the last full day in Japan and that makes me so sad. Thankfully there was still a lot to explore, so it was definitely not a boring day! Though it did turn out to be the least interesting day in Tokyo. The reason for that is that we went to Ginza.

But, we went to Ueno park first, which was beautiful. It was not as beautiful as the Shinjuku gardens, but still it rocked. There is a pretty temple in the middle, there are sakura trees on each side of the park (which is mainly a big walking path/street) and there are picknick blankets made of blue plastic everywhere, and people sitting, working and enjoyed themselves on them. Really cool, but very touristy.

My parents wanted to visit a museum, so I went to a Starbucks to write a bit. Afterwards we went to Ginza, which has the biggest and most expensive stores in one huuuuuuge street. It was Louis Vuitton, it was Harry Winston (<3), it was Prada, it was crazy! Obviously we did not buy a lot, but mom did buy me a beautiful dress at Zara, it is really cool, black with a lot of orange, red and blue flowers. There was a cool army type coat with it and a cute clutch, that I bought through the Dutch website of Zara as that was way cheaper.

Ginza is a nice street to take a long walk, but it is way too expensive to really buy much. Many of the stores look so expensive, they are not even attractive to walk into. It was cool to get to Ginza cause Ginza is the place I always wanted to eat sushi. This whole holiday we haven’t had any sushi, and now was the time! We went to this place called Itamae which had two chefs standing, making the sushi with their hands and sushi rolls, very impressive.

There was a lot of vegetarian sushi, and it was all so good! One of my sushi types was extremely big, and I felt super bad about breaking them apart. On the other hand, I did not know how else to eat them. Apparentely I shouldve just used my hands. Oh and before I forget, in Ginza many stores have Pepper the robot, a very, very adorable robot that helps people out. It looks so cute!

What was also very cute was the mall below Tokyo station, where we went after Ginza. There is a Pokémon Store there, which is really great, and then there are all these other character shops, filled with stuff of just one persona, really cool. I bought so much stuff, and I have still got a few Yens to burn before I go home, thankfully I’ll be going to Harajuku again, yay.

The evening was a bit sad, cause I found this nice restaurant near our hotel (my parents wanted to be near our hotel) but it was fully booked, and then 8 other restaurants in the area were all fully booked. The thing is, Tokyo is so expensive that restaurants are super small and so they are all fully booked by people that have dinner after work, meh… So we ended up having dinner at our hotel, and as everybody knows restaurants in hotels are super bad.

In the evening I wanted to go out, but I did not cause I was actually pretty tired. I took a bath, reorganised my suitcase, and I went to bed but slept a bit late cause I was arranging things for my life at home again, very sad. I really do not want to leave.

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