Travel Report Japan – Day 13 – Tokyo

This morning mom and I went to the Shinjuku part of Tokyo, where we first enjoyed a nice stroll around the super high buildings, the Gojira/Godzilla and the very impressive Yunika Vision building. We had a coffee and we went in a a few malls when they finally opened at 11 o’clock in the morning, but I could not find any Anna Sui stuff that I wanted. I thought Anna Sui was Japanese, but it turns out it is just someone from Detroit, oh my god.

Anyway, the shopping did not go that well, but thankfully we did not go to Shinjuku for no reason: we visited Shinjuku Gyoen, the beautiful Japanese and landscape type gardens, that were filled with blossoming sakura. It made my mom extremely happy, cause back in Kyoto she was nearly crying cause there was no cherryblossom.

We really had a lovely time at the gardens, there were lots of people there, having a picknick, and it was just so relaxing. There was a nice breeze, so we sat down for a bit and just enjoyed the people around us, the gorgeous trees and the amazing feeling of being on holiday. It was good to have this morning just with my mom, while my dad was visiting some onsen three hours from Tokyo.

After that we went to Akihabara, also known as the Electric or Electronic City. Though many people told me beforehand that I would love it, I was not in love with it right away. It is hard to find places to go to, it is hard to understand where to start, hi hi. Well as it was still afternoon and I was with mom, we were just trying out more malls, as she was really keen on shopping something for her daughter, which was very sweet.

We ended up buying a very cutesy cat shirt at UniQlo, and we bought a lot of souvenirs at this huge souvenirshop, it was nice. At 5 o clock we were meeting the Belgian bloke from our group at the Gundam Cafe, which was pretty cool. It had a toilet that would start making noise and flickering lights when you pressed this huge red button, and I had this amazing cocktail that looked and tasted delicious, called something like “For my eternal friend” or something of the like.

It was nice, and after that my parents went to the hotel cause they weren’t really enjoying the busy and big Akihabara very much. My night was awesome, Bjorn and I went to a 7 story high store that only sold anime figures, it was amazing. I bought a cute little lucky cat stuffed toy and I was happy I did not see too many Death Note or Majin Buu things, so I did not buy those, hihi.

After that we went to a maidcafe, cause we both did not really want to but we felt like we had to. The whole time we were there we were so awkward. A maid cafe is a place where the cutest Japanese young girls walk around in maids outfits, and they act cute about everything. When you get a drink, you have to make a heart with your hands and then move it around, yell something and then you can start drinking.

They are acting like they are cats, they ask you what your favorite animal is so they can ketchup-draw it on your omelet, and they are just acting like this is a normal thing. It was so weird. Unfortunately we could not take any pictures and although many people did it sneaky, I thought that would feel wrong. Plus, it was so awkward, I did not want to remember it, hihi.

What is most surprising is that it is not even the maids that made us uncomfortable. It is the fact that there were many other people there that were just acting like they were in any normal cafe. No was was super weird about it, hihi. There was this guy all by himself, there was a girl all by herself and there were even a few couples and groups of friends. There was an older Japanese business man all by himself, and I was just so surprised by how no one thought it was weird.

Anyway, we had a good time being uncomfy before we went to this huuuuuge SEGA arcade building, filled with video game arcades. We played a bit of a Guitar Hero’esque game, that I was not even that bad at, even though we played this Japanese metal music with super high pitched voices, hihi. It was good fun though, also cause I hadn’t really hung with a lot of people my own age the past few days, besides Yuu of course, so it was nice to not be in my hotelroom at 9 o clock in the evening.

Cause after the arcades we decided to go to this metal bar called GODZ, which was in the bad neighbourhood Shinjuku. It really turns into a dark place in the evening, with strange looking people on every corner, and yeah, it is like a sodom and gomorra but not in a fun Amsterdam-kinda way. Thankfully we found the bar pretty swiftly and we had a nice time. There was even a person touching my hair, whispering how he thought my hair was beautiful for metal. Haha, that was hilarious, thankfully afterwards he left, cause after being so neglected by the whole Japanese society (which is actually a good thing by the way), it was a bit shocking to have a Japanese person come up to me and speak about something other than: Can I help you out with your map? 😛

It was nice though, we listened to some good music, and talked with the bar keeper, before we headed home in a taxi cab that had electronically opening and closing doors, pretty awesome. Really lovely to have at least one good night out in Tokyo. May be tomorrow again on the last night, but I do not want to think about any “last” things yet!



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