Travel Report Japan – Day 12 – Disneyland Tokyo

Yay yay yay yay yay yay ! Today I finally went to Disneyland Tokyo, another thing that has been on my bucketlist for ages, and finally I can finish it. Well, not the total thing, cause my bucketlist says: visit all the Disneylands all over the world, and after this one there is still Hong Kong to go to, but at least I am a step closer! Even though people thought I was a bit insane for going to Disneyland, especially going alone, I took multiple trains to Maihama station, which is the train station next to Disneyland.

It is funny cause when I was on the train, I was like: hmm it is still so city like, how can a Disneyland just pop up, I can’t imagine it? But then it happened, and it was magical! They have an easter theme going on now, which is absolutely adorable. Throughout the park they have put all these easter egg shaped Disney characters, and they look so kawaii. The park is in many ways very much like Disneyland Paris, but there are definitely a few things that are different. One of the biggest things is that the railway express, the little train, does not go round the park, instead it is just riding in Adventureland, Western land (frontier land šŸ˜‰ ) and Critter country.

Other than that things are not as different. Unfortunately they do not really do singlerider lines, only at Splash Mountain there is a single rider option, but funny enough it is not very clear. It is just in the same place as the fast pass route, and you really have to tell them if you wish to use it, the only way to know about it is to have read it on the map. I was pretty happy I did though, cause I was alone and it was so cute! As soon as I walked to the three kids I was going to share my tree log boat with, they were all looking at me, smiling: Hello! Thank you so much!

It was so sweet, and so Japanese to me: instead of being like ugh what is this stranger doing in our boat, they were very welcoming. Even in the boat, when they were totally splashed with water, they just looked at eachother and at me and we had a good laugh. Even in the boat I could understand what they were saying, like oooh let’s all put our hands up, and oooh are we going to get wet? It was so cool.

What I find less cool, is that there is no park hopper option. There is Disneyland and Disney Sea in Tokyo, but yet you can’t visit both parks in one day. Silly, cause there is even a monorail between the two… I think you can park hop when you have at least a three day passport, but I am here just for the day and I do not feel like purchasing a ticket twice, as it is 7200 yen (approximately 70 euros).

Anyway, that is the only complaint I have, cause Disneyland Tokyo is awesomesauce. The costumes of the cast members, the rides: they all look in great shape, perfectly in order. The personnel is friendly (though I was surprised how they do not wish people a magical day but just a nice day), and everything runs very smooth, even though it was extremely busy I did not feel annoyed or anything. And, as I was waiting in the 100 minute line for Space Mountain, someone actually came up to me and said: “Hey are you alone? I have a fast pass that I will not use, so you can ride now!”

I will not say this often, but sometimes it has it’s merits being a huge viking-like girl in between all of these gorgeous Japanese people. Also when the end show came on, the Once upon a Time-thing which always gives me goosebumps and totally made me cry this time, it was just as if the whole story came together and as if the universe tried to tell me something. Anyway, even then, I was so happy to be tall and I could just look over everybody and see the whole thing perfectly. What also helps is that Japanese people are decent, meaning they will not put kids on their shoulders or hold their smartphones above their heads to film (which is also actually prohibited by Disneylands rules, so cool).

A few things that really stood out to me in Disneyland, was how friends would dress in exactly the same clothes, or almost the same just different colors. It is really cute to see these twin-esque outfits together, sometimes even the same hair, socks and bags. It is adorable. A bit odd, and I can’t imagine people doing that everyday, but it is still totally sweet to look at. The little Japanese kids are insanely cute anyway, so you can imagine I was dying a bit on the inside (of cuteness) by the combination of Disney and Japanese kids, ieeeh so sweet.



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