Innisfree Strawberry Mask review

While in Holland we just put thick cream on our faces and call it a face mask, Asians understand that it has to be an actual mask. I bought a Dragon Ball Z one in Japan that I am very excited about, but I will hold on to that one for a special occasion. Today I would like to discuss the Innisfree Strawberry Mask, that my gorgeous friend Reyna purchased at Jolse.

Especially now that it is strawberry season, I was very curious to smell this mask. It smells very much like strawberry candy, so a little bit chemical, especially cause the mask even smelled a little bit alcoholic. I do not think that there is any alcohol in it, but it did have that smell just a little bit.

Anyway, as soon as I pulled the slimy mask out of the packaging I immediatly had to put it on my face cause I was afraid my whole bathroom would be smily, hihi, iewl! As the mask smelled a bit alcoholic I expected to have prickly eyes as soon as it would touch my face, but thankfully that was not the case. Actually, it felt amazing on my face.

There are two main reasons for that, and those are both my “fault”: I get very worked up about things so my face is hot all the time, especially in the evenings. To put a cold mask on that is just heaven. The second thing is that I put my face in the sun for too long last weekend, which made my skin a bit agitated and reddish, so it could use some hydratation and cooling down.

After having a good laugh about how ridiculous these mask look on me, I sat in my bath for 20 minutes with the mask on, and it was a perfect fit. It still surprises me how Asian women wear this masks, as they generally have smaller faces than my viking head. Anyway, it was sitting there very well for the whole time, and after I took the mask off and cleaned my face a bit, it did feel very refreshed and a lot softer. It was really something my skin could use!

The strawberry part of it though, I do not really buy that. It did smell a bit chemically strawberryish, but it is definitly nothing like strawberry, it is not even pink or red! I did really enjoy the mask, especially as it was the perfect moment to use it. Cool! 🙂



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  1. Hi there. Glad you like this strawberry mask. Innisfree is such great skincare brand and very affordable too. I heard the Manuka Honey version of this mask works wonderful as well. 💕


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