Secretary is not a bad movie

When I was 15 years old I really wanted to see the movie Secretary. I was about to go to secretary school and there was a lot of buzz around the movie back then. I was the dark girl I am now already back then, so I was extra interested in Secretary, though I expected something way different than what I finally saw the other day.

So yeah, I did not see it when I was 15 years old eventually. There was not really a reason for that I think, I just did not get to it. Plus, it is not really a movie that many boyfriends wanted to watch. Now that I have seen it I can understand, cause it is a lot like 50 Shades of Grey. But it also isn’t! I really though Secretary would have to do a little bit more with real secretary stuff, but it is not like that at all.

It is too bad Maggie Gyllenhaal is quite annoying and dumb in the movie, cause otherwise I would possibly have enjoyed watching this one a lot. It is really interesting how an old movie like that touches upon so many things that we think are part of our new and modern world. That was probably one of the biggest eye openers for me in this movie.

It is such a pity the key character is such a dumb cow and that the movie is simply not sexy. It is a bit uncomfortable and weird, not sexy and enticing. Too bad, cause they really look like they have put a lot of time and effort in the movie. Well, I am glad I have finally seen it, though it is odd I am seeing it now, as I am saying goodbye to the secretary profession, hihi 😉


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