Bucketlist: take your picture as a painting

I am not the biggest art fan, though I appreciate creativity in many ways. I am not a person that can spend six hours straight in the Van Gogh museum, but I can enjoy a few paintings of his. Art is interesting to me, it is beautiful, but the money behind it makes it all so ugly.

Anyway, on my bucketlist there is a thing about art, and more specifically: step into a painting myself. There is this photo studio in Amsterdam that offers to get your picture taken as either the Milk Maid or the Girl with the Pearl Earring. As I found the prop for the Milk Maid so hilarious, I went with that.

Milk maid

I am not sure if you can see it, but what looks like me pooring milk is actually just a white piece of cloth, hihi, so cool. I am not very proud of the photo cause I was at my fattest at the time, though the clothes definitely make things look even worse, but I really liked the photo studio, the photographer was very nice, we had great fun, and it was done very quickly, which was great cause I was just alone and I did not feel like making a big production out of it.

So, I can definitely tick this box: pose as a famous painting. What do you think? 🙂


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