When it’s windy I do not cycle

When we have guests at the office they often ask me if I live near the office. I always say yes, cause I do, and I like to add that I cycle to work, cause American people are so fascinated by it. Also, because the way from our entrance to our specific department is so long, I need some stuff to work with, you know what I mean?

Anyway, though I’d like to think I cycle to the office all the time, sometimes there are weeks of me just taking the train every day. It is not economically smart though, cause I live too close to work to get my kilometers paid and the train is insanely expensive for the four minutes standing trip… I think it is approximately 5 euros a day if I take the train, and that is 100 euros for a full month work if I would take the train everyday.

So, it is better to take the bicycle, also for my body and health, and because it is easy to take the bike: you do not have to wait for it to go, you can just leave work and now exactly you will be home 15-25 minutes later, depending on the wind. Yes, the wind, it is bad. I do not mind cycling through rain, or cycling in the dark: but I dislike the wind so much!

Especially if the wind is super strong, I get so agressive struggling on the long straight bike path, that I arrive at work super heated and mad. So even though I am trying to bike as much as I can: the toughness of the wind might make me change my mind, hihi. I am super happy I can take a bike to work though, cause the train is often so dreadful and it is nice to have a bit of time to be alone and just zone out a bit. 🙂 But not when it is windy, obviously.

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