Lost my inspiration to dance

Lately I have skipped a lot of dance classes. As you might remember in November 2015 just before I started PsychoUnicorn, I got into hip hop dancing. I always loved it, but now I thought I’d finally really do something with it. So I started going to hip hop class two times a week, which is actually across from my current work. It is really lovely to do, the group is so much fun and the music used it pretty often really good.

However, I haven’t really felt like dancing lately. Not just because my mind is so occupied, but also because lots of things have changed. The group has changed, the group has gotten so big I often can’t even see myself or the teacher in the mirror and one of the teachers is sick or a bit scatterbrained often.

Though I love my group, I think I have decided to stop dancing twice a week and just go for once a week. I will also not be part of the end of year recital, cause I simply do not really feel like I have enough time to get really good at it. It was fun last year, lots of fun, very good for the group, but I was also very frustrated that we did not spend much time together because we were expected to take care of other peoples children (over one hundred children) on both the day of the last practice as the day of the actual event.

Plus, I will be going to see Frank Ocean for the first time in my life on the Friday before the event, so I have decided to skip it. I know these two decisions will not make me very popular in the group, but besides that I can’t mentally dance the extra day anymore. I have so many things I want to do, and I can’t do it when I dance two times a week. I always dread going there on Mondays, so I will stop dancing on Monday.

It is a tough decision to make, cause I love many people in the group and I love dancing, but I guess I will have just go out and dance spontaneously more often, or perhaps use Just Dance and Dance Central a bit more 😉 I still need to tell them that I will quit one day and that I won’t attend the event, hopefully this will not end in drama, cause I already feel bad enough about it as is…

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