Bucketlist: eating a crepe in Paris

There are a lot of bucketlist things that involve travelling, and food, and this one combines the two: I think once in your life you needed to have eaten a crepe in Paris. Just like you needed to have visited a karaoke bar in Tokio, even if you do not dare to sing. I was very fortunate to spend a few days in Paris six years ago, before I went to Disneyland Paris with my ex boyfriend. It was beautiful, we did all the standard things like kiss in front of the Eiffeltower and eat pain du chocolat for breakfast.

But there is one thing you simply have to eat: a crepe. A crepe is a pancake that is a bit flatter and more chewey. I think there is more egg in it or something. You can have them with cheese or ham, but I rather had one with the thing most crepes involve: Nutella. Nutella combined with banana, with coconut or simply just like that is the greatest thing on the planet to have on a crepe.

I usually go for the Nutella-coconut combination, so in Paris that was no different. They spread the dough on this hot disc and then in just a few minutes time the ends start to curl up a bit and then the crepe is ready. Some Nutella and coconut goodness in it; some powder sugar (though I am not a fan of the latter as I mostly wear black), and they even have especial cardboard for it so you can carry your crepe.

It’s too bad crepes are so easy to eat, cause in a few minutes it will all be gone, but it is so yummy: the warm Nutella, the sticky chewy pancake-like crepe and then that coconut to finish it all off. I have eaten many crepes before and after this extra special one in Paris, and even when I write about it now I still get so hungry!

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