It’s just me and my Chromebook

For about a month now I have been writing blogs on my Chromebook instead of my Macbook. My Macbook was getting less and less good: it constantly needed the adapter in to simply stay on, and that is not a nice way of working. The battery is just too old, it needs to be renewed, and I am not sure if I dare to do so at this moment: we’ll see.

However, articles needed to be written, so I looked into getting a new laptop. I wanted to buy a simple one that would last for a long time with it’s battery. So I put the one I am using right now in a shopping cart two months ago. Then I thought: hmm, isn’t it better to spend a little bit more money and have a better laptop that I can use for a longer time? Do I really want a Chromebook, or is Windows handier for my freelance work? Deep inside I just wanted to get another Macbook, but I did not have 1000 euros for this, as my holiday to Japan is coming up.

So I did a lot of research, checked out a lot of different machines, until I thought: F it, I am just going to buy this cheap one. Until thusfar I have been pretty happy with this Acer 14 inch one: it works fine, the only thing I can’t do is check the things my editor marked on my articles, cause he’d use Word for that. So at work I sometimes come early or stay longer or take no lunchbreak, so I can check those remarks in Word. It’s not ideal, but I can’t complain about my Chromebook, I really love it.

The thing is, Google is everything you need. Of course it would be great if I can play videogames on it or if I could store my whole photo collection on it: but do I really, really need that? Not really. For now the Chromebook is great, because of the holiday, because it is easy to carry around, and because it a third of the price of a Macbook. I will get the Macbook soon I hope, but just not now.

Though I was afraid this Chromebook would have issues swiftly, until now it has been awesome. It starts up very swiftly, and it is very easy to use. I had to figure out how to change the search-button into caps lock again, cause I am a weirdo that does not press shift once but rather puts on and off the caps lock button. Other than that it was just all set for use right away, amazing.

I hope I will stay this happy with this Chromebook, but of course you will be the first to hear if I do not 😉


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