Review – Dr Van Der Hoog – Avocado mask

Since everything has to be avocado these days (there is actually an avocado restaurant opening up in Amsterdam soon), I thought, let’s try an avocado face mask. Though I am not too excited about Dr Van Der Hoog as a brand, I decided to give it another try.

The avocado mask can just be applied like that; you only need to cleanse your face and then you can put the thick substance on your face. Though the color is a bit meh, the texture of the cream is very nice. Like I said:  it’s thick, and that feels good on your face. It is a bit cool actually, which is lovely.

When it’s on your skin there is not much happening, at least, I did not feel anything. No burning sensation, no tickling sensation, just nothing. When I took it off though, I did feel like my face felt very clean and moisturized, which is good.

Funny how the mask of Dr Van Der Hoog is pretty much the same as the brand itself: it is a bit normal, a bit boring, but it works pretty well. I was not super impressed by the mask, but it did make my skin feel better and that is what we all want at the end of the day.

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