One Instawall to rule them all

There is this company called Instawall, and you can get your Instagram pics printed on aluminium, glass or canvas (and some more options). It looks pretty neat, very modern, but it was not really my style. Plus, you can’t change the pictures when you are sick of them, and it is quite expensive.

So this cheap little Psycho Unicorn thought: I am making my own DIY Instawall! I got the Instagram pics that I love most printed off at HEMA, they actually have square pics available in two sizes, which is great! I bought one of the boards you can hang on the wall and pin things on, and I asked my father to hang it in my room cause I am afraid of hitting something in the wall, hihi.

He did, I hung up the Instagram-pictures with nice gold pins and now it makes my bedroom look all fancy! Or may be not fancy: cosy. I did it in a very Psycho Unicorn’esque way: pictures on top of eachother, different positions: it is pretty crazy. There are 130 pics on there or something, so it is an art object you keep staring at. I really like it.

Plus, I can change them anytime. Getting photos printed at HEMA is fairly cheap, even the special Insta-ones, and it is very easy to do. At first I thought I would also put other things on the board, but now I am not sure. May be now that I have Instax I might put Instax on there, but not a lot of other things as it is already busy as it is.

Well, I can tell you more, but I’d best share a pic! 😉

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