Little Maple does not leave me cold

As I have written before, I am very happy to have welcomed my little niece into the world. Little Maple is adorable and I love her to bits. Even though everybody kept telling me that I would be overwhelmed with feelings of love and stuff when I would hold her, that is not entirely the case.

I am sorry, may be it sounds harsh, but I wasn’t like: OMG I love her so much I want to be a mother now too. No, I did notice that I had a hard time taking my eyes off this little one, just because I am proud to be her aunt, I am so happy she is healthy and I am so thrilled for my brother and his wife to have this little one in their lives.

What I like about her too, is that she really changes the family dynamics. Coincidentally my brother and I live pretty close, so I can cycle to his house anytime. Normally I would do that three times a year, but now they are home a lot more and I can just swing by for an hour a week to see little Em. I think that is pretty cool. Not just to see her and get fed by my brothers wife who is an amazing cook by the way, but also well, to just be part of their lives a bit more than I used to be. May be it has to do with living alone now too, but I just value family a bit more these days.

I got to feed Little Maple the other day, and it was lovely. I totally suck at things: couldn’t really make her burp cause apparently you have to nearly bash her spine out for getting something out of her little body, hihi, and I am not going to slap this baby around, but it was kinda cute how I could hold her and she would be close to my face with her face, it was just very sweet.

I hope I can keep up with coming over at least once every two weeks, to really see that little girl grow into a supercool woman soon. And I am glad to see my brother and his wife more, so we are a little bit more involved in eachothers lives besides only sharing the big things. 🙂

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