Last day at work

I had my last day at work today, which was a pretty emotional one. I did not cry, thankfully, but I might have if I would be leaving the whole company, now I can just say: see you in a month or so, cause after my holiday I will return to the office in a different department. But it was my last day with my current colleagues, who I have started to love over the course of the past few months especially.

The other assistant had told me that she was not going to buy me flowers for my goodbye, as I was going on holiday. She proposed getting these really nice and delicious cakes, so that I did not have to buy anything and we could still have a little bit of a goodbye ceremony. Very nice of her of course, and that was going to be that, I figured.

Boy was I wrong. Oh my gosh. When I came in, there was wine and a very cute and personal card on my desk from colleague M, and then colleague A came in and she gave me an amazing Instax photo camera, which is so awesome as I almost bought one a few months ago! It is pink and she was smart to buy photographs with them, cause it is like a polaroid. Such a beautiful gift!

Well, I thought that was all, and I was already feeling so spoiled. Then the cake moment was there and my manager did a speech, which made me turn all red. And then I had to say something, but for some reason that hadn’t crossed my mind at all, so I just blurted out some nonsense tha

t I should really have thought through a lot better, and then I was like: okay let’s eat cake now please! 😛

However, there were more gifts! Oh my gosh, it is horribly sweet: I received a kwartetspel, so like a game of cards, with all our colleagues on there in different categories, wearing video game outfits, it was so well done by A. She is so creative, it is a pity she does a job that is so non creative, she is really amazing. I was almost crying when I got it, and when I saw how much work she had put into it.

Then there was a big box of Lush products AND a huge card with sweet things from all colleagues on it. So sweet, and I did not even see it pass the office even though I am always there! I was really flabbergasted by the sweetness, very overwhelming to receive so many presents even though I am the one leaving, by choice!

It felt so good to get so much thanks from my colleagues, as I have only been there for a year. I really hope my replacement will do a good job, and I hope everybody is still happy when I visit the office in my new role in a few weeks.

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