The odd chocolates

Even though I am going to say goodbye to one of my professions in a few days, there are some things I will miss. One of them is getting chocolate, hihi. No it is very bad eating as many KG’s of chocolate as I do, but I would miss the people thanking me for my service, as in my new job I do not expect this to happen.

Anyway, there was something weird today. When me and my replacement came back from lunch, there were two boxes of very beautiful chocolates waiting for us. I was like: oh this must be from a colleague that is not going to be in the office on my goodbye cake moment!

Well I was wrong. It was so weird: we received chocolates from a person that was meeting with our manager the day before. We did not pick him up from downstairs, we did not even see him, but yet he sent us chocolates. Or to be fair: he made one of his people put it on our desks with a little note saying: thanks so much for your good service, enjoy your new job! It was so inappropriate…

We had never seen this person before, it was the first time he was meeting our manager, and we hadn’t even seen him. It was quite clear he wanted to come to good terms with us in order to be able to get things done with our manager. It was really not okay. So I asked my colleagues what to do: give it back somehow? Put in on the counter so everybody could have one? Well, they said: just take it home, it is your last week, whatever. And then they warned the new girl about not falling for this if the guy wanted a meeting with our manager.

Hihi, so the chocolates went home and got eaten by me and a friend, but it did feel bad, even though it indeed was my last week at this job. The chocolates were amazing, but the nerve of the guy to be doing this, is really disgusting. 😛

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