The new Drake takes some getting used to

So the new Drake album is out! It is definitely something else, it has some islandy influences, being a bit tropical, and it took me some time to get used to it. As soon as I did though, I really liked listening to More Life. The lyrics are excellent, there are some good collabo’s on it and it really does have a Drake sound after all.

I do find it hard to keep the one song from the other. There’s not a great deal of variety in tracks on there, but may be that stage will come when I listen even more. There are some tracks especially great, which are: Madiba Riddim, Teenage Fever, Passionfruit and Blem.

So true, those lyrics. I am glad Drake still has the ability to tune into those feelings, cause his life is so different now. I must say the album isn’t as great as his earlier work, definitely not, cause there are also some songs I actually dislike, cause they are way too EDM for my taste, and the lyrics aren’t all that amazing, but the ones that are, they are so good.

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